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Mac's Mart

I have officially decided that Mac's Mart is the bain of my existence.
The following are my reasons:

  • People have to work at night, which no one should ever have to do, unless it is an essential service such as police or emergency health care, etc.


  • At night, it is prime time for drunks and crazies to come out (pardon my politically incorrectness, but just how I'm sayin' it), and said people are quite liable to take a gun or a knife to the clerk.


  • Mac's Mart charges a million dollars for a loaf of bread.  This is not a lie.  Trust me, I saw it once.


  • Okay, that one was a lie, but Mac's is incredibly expensive.


  • By working night shifts, those working them have strained social lives, what with being nocturnal and all.


  • In addition to the strain on social lives, being nocturnal is difficult for workers when the rest of their house is not nocturnal, so continues to make noise during the day when they are trying to sleep.  This makes the workers nocturnal zombies.  It is difficult enough to function properly on only three or four hours of sleep one night (or day, in this case) but to do this continuously for several days is very stressful to the worker.

After reading all of this, you would probably think that I myself work at Mac's, and a night shift no less.  But I don't, in fact.  Simply someone close to me.  And I hate it with a bloody passion.

I'm pretty sure that this link should work should you feel like going to the Mac's website.