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Sara Osborne's Random Babbling

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An Update Regarding The Future

Talking to family about stuff makes things worse.

So, we went to my grandparent's house for supper tonight, and after we were done, we went and sat in the living room to talk.  Something about school for my sister and I is always brought up at some point, and today, my grandpa was asking me questions.  I don't remember exactly how it came up, but the topic of me and my music came up.  And blah blah blah, long story, but I ended up crying (I've decided that I can be far too friggin' emotional) cause I was thinking about how much I would miss being in a band and all that.  Cause I really would love to do music, but I think that taking music classes isn't my cup of tea.  So if I could just get good at the trumpet on my own and then get a job in an orchestra without fancy PhD's and whatnot, that'd be super.  So insanely super.  But I can't see it happening.  I think though (for some reason, my grandpa always ends up making me decide to try music - he's done it a couple of times before - the first time it only lasted about a week and then I decided I wouldn't be good enough, but the last time lasted several months, hundreds of dollars in lessons, and a gorgeous silver trumpet) that I will probably end up trying out music next September.  i.e. September 2006.  In Sudbury.  At Laurentian.  Which is quite scary.  But I'll probably go talk to Mrs Dick in the first few weeks of school (the music teacher at Bawating) and see about joining the orchestra.  It probably wouldn't happen, though, as their practices are Monday nights and I have class at 7.  Fiddle.  Well, maybe the Jazz band that practices at Bawating.  I think their practices are Tuesdays at 5, and I'm pretty sure I don't have a class right then.  Yeah, I just checked my timetable and I'm open from 4 til 7.  So who knows.  I'm sure she'll set me up with something.  And my sister said that she was going to give me contact info of some person doing some sort of production that will probably need something with music, so that'd be cool if I could do something with that.  I still don't think that I'm going to take lessons, though.  But who knows.  Maybe I'll start in January or something.  Things change really fast.  Especially with my ridiculously indecisive mind.  So anyway, I just thought that I would share that random babbling, to get it off my chest, sort of a thing.  Thanks for reading!


I wish, though, that I could just figure out what I want to do!  It would be soooo much easier!  But I guess nothing in life is easy, and I'll just have to accept that.  Even if it means wasting 4 years of my life in a class that won't help me, and spending thousands of dollars extra because I changed my mind.  Tough lessons, I guess!