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Sara Osborne's Random Babbling

Asia Baby!

So this is the story that my sister wrote for me entitled:
A Dog's Life: The Story of Asia Osborne

Hello!  My name is ASIA and I am a big black dog!  No one really knows what kind I am, but my family says that I'm a Shepherd/lab.  I am only one year old, but to me that's a really big deal, because my puppyhood didn't start out very well...
I don't remember where I was born, or who my mommy was.  I remember one day I woke up and I was in a big scary room, with lots of other dogs, who were barking all the time, and my little borther was there too.
I was so happy when some people came and told me that I was going home!  I didn't know what "home" was, but it sounded fun!  And the other dog that was with them, named "Sheba" said that she had had a home before and that they were really great.
My new friend's name was Sara.  She took me home and took really good care of me.  Except, a few days later, I started to feel really yucky.  So Sara brought me to the Doctor, and he said that I had "Parvo" and that I might die.  I didn't know what that meant, so I wasn't scared.  I stayed at the hospital, and Sara came to visit me everyday.  It wasn't too bad except that I was kind of bored and really tired.
Finally I got to come home from the hospital, and everyone made a big deal over me, which was really fun!  And now I have a big brother and big sister to play with, and cousins too!
I love living with my family.  They are really fun!  I'm glad that Sara gave me a "home".  Now I am one of the happiest doggies in the world!  Thank you for listening to my story! (and thank you Mandy for writing it down, since I don't have thumbs!)
Merry Christmas Sara!  Love Asia [my sister made Asia step in ink and put her pawprint here] and Mandy


So that story to the left was my Christmas present from my sister in 2003 (the spaces mean that it's a new page, in case you didn't get that).  I cried when I read it, and the fact that there were adorable pictures after it, with captions that usually talked about how much Asia loves me (I know she didn't write it, but still!!) really didn't help.  So now that you think my family and I are complete nuts, I'll move on...

Yeah, Asia's my baby.  Email me if you want to comment.