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Sara Osborne's Random Babbling

Harry Potter

So I'm a bit of a Harry Potter freak.  So what.  I like what I like.

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Okay, so I did a bit on this page, so now the topics left that I'll probly cover are:
  • my theories about the seventh and final Harry Potter book
  • my views on the whole "Harry Potter should be burned" bit

Not that I really expect a lot of people to read this stuff.  It's just that gettin it out there makes me feel better I guess. :)  But for now, I"m headin over to a different part of the site.

HPANA - An awesome site with info about upcoming events, hot-off-the-press news, and great pictures from upcoming movies.
Veritaserum - A great site with info on both movies and books, including rumours and theories about upcoming books (or book, as the case is now).
Warner Bros Site - Includes some Harry Potter games, but mostly it's a great place to join in on forum discussions.
The Leaky Cauldron - Although I haven't been around this site much, it seems like it has lots of great info.  It's the most recent winner of JKRowling's best fan site award.
Godric's Hollow - Another cool site, but, again, I haven't been around it much.
Harry Potter Lexicon - I was around this a bunch a while ago, but not recently.  It was a pretty cool site when I was there.
Mugglenet - One of the most talked about HP sites on the web, Mugglenet's full of awesome info.
JKRowling - JKR's official site, controlled by her, making it the most reliable source for HP info available.

Goblet of Fire

This is the poster for the upcoming Goblet of Fire movie.  If you want to go to the official GoF website, just click the picture.
Click the titles below to go to the Yahoo! Movies site for that movie.
Click the titles below to go to the IMDB sites for the films.

Got your own HP stuff you want added?  Email me here.