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Sara Osborne's Random Babbling

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Differences between girls, boys, and dogs.

Just thought I'd share this, since it's cute....
How to tell they're upset
Girls: They talk.
Boys: They brood.
Dogs: They yip.
What makes them proud
Girls: Sitting with the popular kids.
Boys: Being praised by their fathers.
Dogs: Opening doors with their noses.
How they express intimacy
Girls: Instant messages.
Boys: They don't.
Dogs: Gifts of used tennis balls.
What their grooming says about them
Girls: I think I'm fat.
Boys: I think I'm weak.
Dogs: I got rained on.
How to talk to them
Girls: Share common experiences.
Boys: Use short statements.
Dogs: Use short statements.

Again, this is out of the February 2005 issue of Psychology Today magazine.  Not my own cleverness, although I wish it were.