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Sara's Pointless Rambling
Saturday, 20 August 2005
Just found some new info..
Mood:  happy
Guess what I just found out, that I think is pretty cool. Apparently some people have made a website devoted entirely to Professor Frink. From the Simpsons, for those of you who don't know. That's pretty awesome! He's definately one of my favourite characters. Anyway, just thought I'd share that, as its a neat bit of info! Tah!

Posted by sarajano at 11:56 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 21 August 2005 12:04 AM EDT
New Blawg!
Mood:  smelly
Okay, so, here's the deal. I don't know why, but all day I've had a huge desire to start a blog. I mean, I have the one on MSN Spaces, but I dunno how much I'm enjoying it, so instead I'm trying this out. And like I said, I don't know why I've been wanting to start one. It really makes no sense to me, cause I've always kinda thought they were dumb. It may be because my sister has started one so subconsciously I'm all trying to copy her or something stupid.. or it might just be that I have a lot to say right now, but not really anyone to say it to. Not directly at least. So I'm trying this out. I don't know if I'm going to put anything of any sort of interest whatsoever (not that blawgs usually do contain anything interesting to anyone really but anyway..) on here tonight. Although I probably will, knowing me. I'll stay up til 3 in the morning doing my pointless rambling. And it'll probly be in a bunch of different posts. But anyway, that's my intro for now, I'll do a bunch more pointless rambling later, I'm sure.
Tah for now though!
(ps - just to clarify a few things.. i put smelly as my mood cause I thought it was amusing when i'm not really in any of the moods available. And also, I'm using this rather wintery background because I like winter when I'm thinking about it in the summer.. but then by the time christmas is over, i want summer back. and also.. I'm spelling blog "blawg" because it seems so much more appropriate. so much more 'blah blah blah'-ish.)

Posted by sarajano at 11:29 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 20 August 2005 11:33 PM EDT

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